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Retirement Fund Advising Service

You may not be aware that some retirement plan allows you to utilize a professional money manager that can assist you in choosing from thousands of additional funds.  We can help you find out if your workplace retirement plan has this benefit. We know that finding the time to research investment choices and monitoring the risk in your portfolio on your own all while balancing your professional and personal obligations can be a challenge. 

If you…

1. Have a retirement plan
2. Consistently contributing to your retirement plan.

You are doing better than HALF of the workforce in the United States.

The advisor on your retirement plan works hard to encompass a range of funds for your organization. The advisor works for your company, the company’s owner, or the company’s stakeholders. Most participants select their funds from a restricted line up and don’t look at it after they set up their retirement account. They do nothing – they ride the bull and tolerate the bear markets. They passively manage their retirement because they are not aware there are options. Not everyone wants to be passive with their workplace retirement plan – they want more.

Imagine if your fund line up was a single-story house. Did you know that you could have options for expansion? You could expand your fund line up to two stories and actively trade to increase your return, thereby saving your wealth and reaping larger returns during bear markets. 

Actively taking a role in managing your retirement plan and changing your investment return by 1% can mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars OR years in retirement. We can help you take control of your money and allow it to grow and meet your goals. 

The graph below Illustrates the growth range of varied returns over time and why it might make sense to actively manage your retirement plan, IF your plan permits. Not all retirement plans have this option. Ask the Thrive Wealth team if your employer’s retirement plan has been pre-qualified to have us assist you in actively managing your retirement account.

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